Hear it Straight From
Our Patient’s Mouths!

(Which are Full of Straight teeth.)

Cindy S

This is an excellent orthodontic center. The staff is very attentive and friendly. The doctors are kind, gentle, and very knowledgeable. All of their equipment and techniques are up-to-date. The facility is very clean and pleasant to be in. They offer many incentives for their patients to adhere to the rigours of wearing braces. Their waiting room is “to die for” with video games, movies, books, toys, and other entertainment for their patients and their patients’ families. I highly recommend them!

Neena K

We had six kids go through orthodontic procedures at this office. When they were finally finished I decided to get my teeth straightened. I am almost freakin old! I was excited and scared. I hadn’t done orthodontics when I was a kid and now I was way past the age. (that’s what I thought anyway) I went through 23 months of ortho. The office was amazing and the doctors also, which I knew they would be because of my experience with my kids. I was so grateful for their care with me knowing I was an older patient. They set the bar high and I am so glad they do. I absolutely love my teeth and to tell the truth, I wasn’t sure that would happen. (I wasn’t sure MY teeth could look nice) It was a wonderful experience and I highly recommend anyone who thinks they are too old for this to just do it and know it is completely worth the time and effort. I’ll say it again — I love my teeth! Thanks Drs. Garn & Mason and the whole office. Truly amazing people.

Cindy J

Being an older adult getting braces was a pleasant experience and I never felt out of place even though there were lots of youngsters around also. The transformation was amazing and everything was as expected. Great team!

Dana P

My daughter had a great experience at Garn and Mason! We were on an 18 month plan to get her teeth into perfect condition, and with their help and encouragement, she met that goal, and indeed her teeth are perfect! The staff at Garn and Mason are friendly and helpful throughout your orthodontic experience. They also put on special events for their patients and families, including the back to school pool party, which is a fun way to end the summer! I highly recommend Garn and Mason to anyone seeking orthodontic work. They really are the best!